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Since 1999, the energies and resources poured into Renew the Hope Ministries have been singularly focused on bringing the hope, love and redemption of Jesus Christ to Nicaragua.

 Under the spirited leadership of Pastor Earl Bowie, and with a constancy of encouragement and involvement from faithful Christians in the U.S., Renew the Hope’s original focus on orphans has expanded into a variety of impactful ministries in northeast Nicaragua.

While much has been done to restore hope, while far-reaching effect has been felt in the village of Puerto Cabezas and the region as a whole, so much remains to be accomplished.

With God’s grace and the concerted efforts of great hearts, we can deepen our commitment to serve the children of Casa Bernabé orphanage, break the cycle of poverty for the beleaguered Nicaraguan people, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across this developing nation. Hope is in His Name.

Our Vision

That all may come to know God and His Word through a personal relationship with Christ; that we may expand His Kingdom through Unity and Fellowship, Community Service and Evangelism.

Our Mission

To shine God’s light toward a brighter tomorrow for those in developing nations; to build on godly foundations; to foster physical, spiritual, emotional and educational growth from childhood into productive adulthood.